HEY GUYS! My name is Annabelle. High schooler. On this blog, you will most likely see Almost Human, Disney, Doctor Who, Firefly, The Hobbit/ LotR, Marvel Universe, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow, Star Trek, Star Wars, Supernatural, Welcome to Night Vale, other various fandoms and movies I like, and some randomness. If you need to ask me anything or talk to someone, feel free. NEXT STOP, EVERYWHERE! =D

Favorite Movie atm: Captain America TWS
Favorite Music atm: Lorde and "Day and Age" by The Killers
Favorite Book(s)/Series atm: The Shining

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Demi lovato for Nylon; color palett

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i can speak to you of memories and dust (x)

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the white house released this video on sexual assault that actually targets men, telling them not to rape, rather than telling women not to be raped. please watch this.

The White House actually referenced the work of Jackson Katz, a speaker who recently came to my school to speak about this exact issue

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i always flip the first test page extra loudly just to show everyone that im better than them


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why is it that when BROADWAY STARS sing musical theatre daily it makes them “TALENTED” and “TONY-NOMINATED” but when I sing musical theatre daily it makes me “ANNOYING” and “A PAIN IN THE ASS”

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can we just start a movement where we go to male politicians events and we ask them sexist questions like “if you are elected who will take care of the kids” and “what designer are you wearing tonight” “do you think that your stunted and constipated male emotions will affect your decision making”

that last one tho

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